Why there are many different types of display fireworks

There are many, many different types of fireworks. There are fireworks for private home displays, for birthday parties and weddings, for children’s parties, for Christmas and for New Years Eve. At a child’s birthday party you’re probably going to be looking for smaller fireworks, without too much noise so that the kids don’t get scared. At a wedding or a birthday party the budget is often quite limited, but you’ll want to get a few good, bright flashes lighting up the sky. And even the biggest firework enthusiast can only fire so-many rockets into the air. For people who are involved in organizing a large public fireworks display, a different level needs to be achieved, the audience should have their breath taken away by the display fireworks. So bigger explosions and flashes are necessary. The colours have to be brighter, the bangs have to be louder and the rockets need to fly higher. But display fireworks are not only about big, loud rockets that fly way off into the sky. The viewing public would get bored without something else to capture their attention.

The variety of a good fireworks display

So when planning a fireworks display, a good pyrotechnics expert should take variation into account. The big, spectacular, breath-taking, high in the sky explosions of noise, colour and light are always a staple. But you should also be looking to mix in display fireworks that include:

  • Light closer to the ground;
  • Multiple, rapid pops;
  • Screeching or other high pitched noises;
  • Rotating fireworks;
  • Multidirectional fireworks;
  • Long burn-time fireworks.

All of this allows you to keep the viewers attention. When done well the elements can be combined in a fireworks display to build tension, add a certain amount of unpredictability and maybe even convey emotions and humour. Obviously a large amount of this is also reliant on choreography, as well as the creativity of the pyrotechnics planner. Dynamic Fireworks in Ipswich and Colchester stock a wide variety of fireworks to achieve this high-level of fireworks display. These include:

  • Barrages and cakes;
  • Rockets;
  • Candles;
  • Fountains and mines;
  • Wheels;
  • Lancework;
  • Flying lanterns;
  • Ice Fountains.

They offer these in all sorts of combination and at different price ranges, allowing you to mix-and-match fireworks for the combination that you want for your fireworks display.

Other items to take into account

A fireworks display isn’t only about the individual fireworks. If it was, there would be no skill to putting on a display. A huge portion of the effectiveness of any given fireworks display is down to timing. That is why it is always particularly important to get the right timing equipment for the spectacle that you want to create. Experts almost all choose to use a combination of timing elements, including specialised fuses of different burn times, electric igniters to begin burning the fuses at just the right moment and even wireless firing systems for the most advanced level of pyrotechnics available. While some purists disagree with using expensive timing equipment, we believe that the entire aim of a display is to amaze and impress the viewers. No one watches a firework explode above their head and asks how it was timed to explode right there and then. The public should be watching open-mouthed, in awe of the lights and sounds around them. That is why we believe that it’s a great idea to use whatever combination of fireworks and equipment you need to get the best results.

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